A Game In the Virtual World

  • All things considered, it’s no surprise that literally everything is going online. From grocery shopping, to casinos now, pretty much everything humans can do in a physical set up is being sent to the internet so we don’t have to trouble ourselves into actually doing anything.

  • Thanks to the internet, to software, to technology, a tactile experience like gambling is now a virtual experience. And no, despite being automated, there’s nothing about it that feels “un-real”. So, what is an online/virtual casino and what do you do when you manage to get into one. Here’s a small basic intro – as the name suggests a virtual casino is something

  • that is located on a server somewhere, and is not an actual casino that you go to and sit at a game table. This virtual casino can be accessed either via an internet connection – beware of your data bills – or a software download (a desktop/phone app is the best equivalent) that will give you a casino experience.

If you’re keen on being an entrepreneur you can set up an online casino yourself:

Find an online service provider

Get a casino license – virtual or not, operating a gambling business means you need a license

Choose a payment gateway – here’s the thing, a virtual casino doesn’t mean that you don’t get paid or that players play with fake money, this is no monopoly, it’s an actual gambling set up

Marketing – if you have an extensive social media network, then, please do the needful and put the word out there about your new venture

Have an excellent crisis management system – sometimes your not-real casino might get not real humans as players, or you might get hacked – be prepared for all kinds of scenarios and handle it with care to make sure your business thrives

If you want to only play online your options are different:

Have enough money – here’s the thing about gambling, you need money. Even bitcoins have value, so assuming that an online casino is not going to come after you for money due to them is ridiculous

Play sensibly – since your perception is altered with a virtual casino it is very easy to get lost in a game and gamble more than necessary, set a limit to how much you plan to spend and play accordingly

It’s addictive, know when to stop – gambling can be addictive, people who are battling a gaming addiction often need therapy to help them deal with their impulses. If you find yourself losing control over how much money you are winning/losing on a regular basis, pull back.

Overusing bonuses – a sign-in bonus is a marketing ploy to get you to be a regular. That being said, it doesn’t mean that you use multiple IDs to sign in and earn bonuses to never pay them. Know the rules and play accordingly. Cheating is not always possible online, someone will figure it out at some point.

Do your research – here’s the thing, there are a lot of online casinos that have been blacklisted because they have been found to cheat customers. Do some research about the safe casinos before taking the plunge.

There’s nothing different about gambling online vis-à-vis gambling in a typical gambling house. The space is different.


While in one instance you need to factor in travel costs, accommodation, etc,The space is different. with a luxury casino review you just need to worry about data costs as well as how much money you are spending.

So, if you are convinced that gambling virtually is a better option for you, then, go right ahead. It’s easy to enjoy gambling, and it is just as easy to get caught up in the more insidious aspects of it.


The key is in making sure that virtual gambling is recreationally and not professionally, or as a coping mechanism.

In order to achieve that balance, you really need to make an effort in being clued in to what you are doing. Getting caught up in the might even sideline your efforts to have a balanced approach.


The first step to handling the situation is things are getting out of hand. Once you make an effort to be more aware, you are guaranteed a fun time gambling!